I founded Hoppbox in 2015 and one of the founding values was :

“We cannot live isolated from the needs of the wider community

and environment”

Since day one that core value has percolated throughout the business and guided our choices.

Nick Richmond
Fondateur / Directeur

Snack smart do good


Hoppbox partners wherever possible with agricultural cooperatives that guarantee a fair remuneration and support the improvement of the living and working conditions of the local population.


Hoppbox partners with two Swiss based social and professional re-integration projects for our production and fulfilment operations and our display projects.


Our punnets are made from already recycled PET*. Our sleeves and all other packaging materials are equally made from already recycled and 100% recyclable paper and cardboard.

*Which puts ahead of other snacks packaging forms like plastic sealed bags and craft/plastic combinations – neither is recycled nor recyclable.


We choose to only partner with postage services that guarantee a 100% offset of the carbon footprint of their service.

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