Mango, Banana Chips, Roasted Coconut

4 x 29g punnets


  • High in Fibre High in Fibre
  • Less than 150 Kcal Less than 150 Kcal
  • Source of Manganese Source of Manganese
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Our little tribute to the amazing beach in Rio de Janeiro! With the creamy coconut, tropical mangos and crunchy bananas we’ll take you some way there, and only 140kcal makes this a no-guilt tropical escape!



Mango 41%
mango, sulfites

Banana Chips 31%
banana, coconut oil, sugar

Roasted coconut 28%
coconut, sugar

For allergens, see underlined ingredients



Nutritional Values 100g 29g
Energy 482kcal 140kcal
Fat 27,2g 7,9g
of which saturates 22,7g 6,6g
Carbohydrate 58,9g 17,1g
of which sugars 37,1g 10,8g
Fibre 7,8g 2,3g
Protein 4,0g 1,2g
Salt 0,0g 0,0g
Additional nutrients %NVR
Manganese 1,2mg 0,3mg(17%)


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