Delicious healthy snacks by post

Try the Hoppbox subscription and we’ll send you our full range of exciting healthier snacks on a regular basis to your home or office. You can cancel anytime and your first box is half price !

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How it works

Hoppbox is a healthy snack subscription service that you can pause or cancel anytime. Try our classic Hoppbox (4 snacks) or the bigger family health pack (24 snacks). Delicious healthy snacks with free delivery to any address in Switzerland.

Choose your preferred delivery schedule

Once a week or once every two weeks.

We hand pick your Hoppbox snacks for you

Each Hoppbox is a surprise!

Your box gets sent through the post straight to your letterbox

To your home or office – whichever you prefer

J’adore, toujours un plaisir de les recevoir !


We love Hoppbox and have been super satisfied with all the various boxes we've received! We've enjoyed bi-monthly deliveries for half a year and didn't have a single box we didn't like! Two thumbs up!


Je suis toujours aussi contente de recevoir mes Hoppbox chaque semaine !


How often do you want to receive your Hoppbox ?

Snack fairly often ?

One Hoppbox / week

8.95. First box 4.5

Hopp! 1 / week

An occasional snacker?

One Hoppbox / 2 weeks

8.95. First box 4.5 

Hopp! 1 / 2 weeks

Looking to feed more people ? 

24 Hopp! snack variety pack / 1 month

48.- First Box 43.-

Hopp! 1 / month

FREE DELIVERY + you can pause, amend or cancel your subscription at any time, it’s super easy.